Anaesthesia Machine Gold

Anaesthesia Machine Gold Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


The trolley is made of the tubular section

Capacious drawer for keeping anesthesia kit/ accessories

Extended platform at rear for two 10 ltrs. (Water Cap.) cylinders

Large roller bearings, antistatic castors, for easy mobility, and brakes

The top tray is provided at eye level for keeping monitoring equipment

Hook for breathing circuit

Wipe clean stainless steel top

Provision to fit ventilator

Emergency drug tray fitted at a convenient place

Rotameter block for oxygen & nitrous oxide with fine adjustment controls & color coated knob and luminous back plate. Oxygen flow meter calibrated from 100cc/min to 10 ltrs./ Minute

Nitrous oxide flow meter from 200cc/min to 12 liters/min down

One gold man-type vaporizer for halothane

Non return cum blow-off valve in the circuit ensures that pressure does not hold up beyond 2000mm.

Water column & minimizes the risk of backflow of gases

60 psl outlet for driving ventilator

Change over system open circuit or close circuit

Emergency Oxygen flush valve at table level to give 35-60 ltrs/min for emergencies

Cylinder yokes: Pin-indexed yokes two each of oxygen & nitrous oxide

63 mm diameter, color-coded gauges fitted at a convenient angle for better visibility & clarity, one gauge for O2 & one gauge for N2O showing the line pressure

High-efficiency regulators for reliability two each for O2 & N2O

One Bain circuit

One B.P Apparatus

Safety Features

Hypoxic guard

Emergency oxygen flush

Alarm to provide an audible indication of O2 supply pressure failure

Nitrous oxide shut off in the event of O2 failure

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Model No
APAM 111  Anaesthesia Machine Mild Steel Pre-Treated Epoxy Powder Coated
APAM 112  Anaesthesia Machine Stainless Steel


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