Laryngoscope Blade Macintosh Stainless Steel

Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


Laryngoscope Blade Macintosh has Stainless Steel construction and are Reusable
Macintosh blades are also known as Straight Blades.
Stainless steel construction ensures blade integrity
The Blade size available are as below :
Infant Blades : 0
Child Blades: 1,2
Adult Blades: 3,4,5
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Laryngoscope Blade Macintosh Stainless Steel at competitive prices from India
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Model No
APLA 281      Blade Size : 0 Polished Finish
APLA 282      Blade Size : 0 Matt / Dull Finish
APLA 283      Blade Size: 1 Polished Finish
APLA 284      Blade Size: 1 Matt / Dull Finish
APLA 285      Blade Size: 2 Polished Finish
APLA 286      Blade Size: 2 Matt / Dull Finish
APLA 287      Blade Size : 3 Polished Finish
APLA 288      Blade Size : 3 Matt / Dull Finish
APLA 289      Blade Size: 4 Polished Finish
APLA 290      Blade Size: 4 Matt / Dull Finish
APLA 291      Blade Size: 5 Polished Finish
APLA 292      Blade Size: 5 Matt / Dull Finish


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