Oxygen Flow Splitter 5 Way

Oxygen Flow Splitter 5 Way Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


Multiple patients can receive oxygen from a single source with individually adjustable flow rates
Having at least 5 Oxygen Flow meters, Delivering from 0-15 L/Min of Oxygen for both adults and Paediatric
Wall Mounted Type, Constructed from Expoxy coated mild steel sheet
Supplied with Humidifier bottles of approx 150 ml, with Corresponding Connectors
Having at least 2 meters of Tubing for Oxygen Connection
Product Size : 55 L x 21 W x 20 H cm
Product Weight : 5 Kg
Box Size (4 Pcs) : 54 L x 41 W x 49 H cm
Box Weight : 21.200 Kg
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Oxygen Flow Splitter 5 Way at competitive prices from India

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Model No       
APOP 165   Oxygen Flow Splitter Five Way


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