Ventilator Vertical Diamond

Ventilator Vertical Diamond Supplied by Anesthesia Products India


Ventilator Vertical Diamond is a multi-functional Ventilator adopting pneumatic, electronic control, and microcomputer technology. Exported components are utilized to guarantee operational stability and reliability. With a color screen (TEF) to display various measuring and configuration parameters, the device is very suitable for respiratory treatment, applicable for medical, surgical, and gynecological departments, the department of pediatrics, first aid, and ICU departments of hospitals at different levels.


Display Mode: High-definition 10.4” TFT color LCD screen display


Ventilation Function : PEEP,SIGH, IRV, IP,Standby

Ventilation Parameters :

Tidal volume                                  20~1800 ml

Rate                                               2~120bpm

SIMV rate                                       2~120bpm

I:E                                                  4:1~1:8

Pressure trigger sensitivity          -10~10 cmH2O

Flow trigger sensitivity                   1~20L/min

PEEP                                             0~25 cm H2O

Pressure Range                            3~50 cm H2O

Pressure limitation                        5~60 cm H2O

Pressure slope                             1~10 gear

Flow rate setting                           1~10 gear

Time control                                  1~10s

SIGH                                              1.5 times the inspiratory time (60-120 adjustable)

Inspiratory platform                        0~50%

Oxygen concentration                   21%~99%

Parameters for ventilation monitoring

Expired tidal volume, Inhale tidal volume, minute ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, autonomous inspiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, average pressure, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure, Inspiratory platform, oxygen concentration, battery capacity, pressure – time waveform, flow rate – time waveform, flow-volume loop, pressure-volume loop

Security Alarm System

Oxygen Concentration alarm              Upper limit setting range  21%~99%

Low limit setting range    18%~80%

Airway pressure alarm                         Upper limit setting range   5~60 cmH2O

Low limit setting range     0~50 cmH2O

Per-minute ventilation volume alarm   Upper limit setting range   1~20L/min

Low limit setting range   0~19L/min

Tidal volume                                        Upper limit setting range  10~1800ml

Low limit setting range   0~1700ml

Respiratory rate                                  Upper limit setting range  10~99bpm

Low limit setting range   0~50bpm

Sustained high-pressure alarm          It will give an alarm when stress has consistently

been higher than 30 cm H2O

Suffocation alarm                                Power Alarm

Low pressure of oxygen alarm           Intubation off alarm

Low pressure of Air alarm                  Battery voltage alarm

Power                                                 AC 220V   50Hz (UPS, Storage battery)

Mechanical Arms

Air Compressor                                 With standby function

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Model No
APVE 141            Ventilator Vertical Diamond


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