Circle Absorber Autoclavable

Circle Absorber Autoclavable Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


Autoclavable Circle Absorber is designed and developed ergonomically using the latest technology for safe and accurate working support.

Circle Absorber has a fully autoclavable finish and has easy cleaning support and leakproof usage. It satisfies the leakage test – as per clause 5.1 of ISO 8835

It does not require extraneous ‘T’ adapters. APL valve provided

It comes with two chamber canisters with support of single lever action for canister exchange, and comes with a bypass function that allows convenient canister removal during operation without pressure loss among others.

It has a bypass feature to allow canister removal during operation without loss of pressure

(circle On / Off switch as per clause 7.2 of ISO 8835 – 2 : 1999 (E)

The system can be tightened with O-ring seals

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Autoclavable Circle Absorbers at competitive prices from India

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Model No          
APAA 101       Circle Absorber Autoclavable


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