Vaporizer Isoflurane Standard

Vaporizer Isoflurane Standard Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


Anesthesia Vaporizers Isoflurane can only fill with Isoflurane

Range of concentration Isoflurane is (0.5-5) vol %

Concentration error: ±0.25vol% or 20% (the larger value)

Range of flow compensation: 0.5 L/min~10L/min

Range of temperature compensation: 15℃~35℃

The greatest angle of slope is less than 45 degrees

Injection volume: the lowest scale mark is about 30mL and the highest scale mark is 120mL

Dimensions: Height 225mm, Width 105 mm, Depth 210 mm.

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Model No
APVA 120       Vaporizer Isoflurane Standard


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