Vaporizer Halothane Meditec

Vaporizer Halothane Meditec Supplied by Anesthesia Products India


Vaporizers Halothane Meditec can only fill with Halothane

Temperature 15℃ to 35℃

Humidity 30% to 75% relative humidity

Calibrated at Sea Level

To minimize the filling frequency, the vaporizer accommodates 250ml of Anesthetic Agent.

The dials turning easily with small graduations help to fine-tune anesthesia delivery over the full range of dial settings and flow rates.

Vaporizer Halothane Meditec is color coded with Red Colour and has clear agent level indicators and a tamper-proof label for complete security

Works consistently in altitudes up to 2440m above Sea Level

We are Exporters and Suppliers of Vaporizer Halothane Meditec at competitive prices from India

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Model No
APVA 105          Vaporizer Halothane Meditec


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