Goldman Halothane Vaporizer

Goldman Halothane Vaporizer Manufactured by Anesthesia Products India


Goldman Halothane Vaporizers comes with the provision of vaporizing chamber available in form of a glass bowl or bottle that contains liquid anesthetic as well as a tap which helps in controlling the proportion of gas that flows through it.

Being a drawover-type vaporizer, its precision designs limit maximum concentration of Halothane vapor to 3% by volume. This is achieved irrespective of the total gas flow provided through the unit.

The system allows adjustment through means of the ratchet-type control valve.

The unit features a glass jar being screwed on the body and allows quick detachment for easy filling.

Further, the vaporizer is also suitable with Trichloroethylene in low concentration.

We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Vaporizer Halothane at competitive prices from India

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Model No
APVA 140       Goldman Halothane Vaporizer


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